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Critical Production Cordless Tool - Li IonCritical Production Cordless Tool - Li Ion 




Trades & Maintenance Battery Tool - Li IonTrades & Maintenance Battery Tool - Li Ion



Production Battery Tool - NiCadProduction Battery Tool - NiCad



Battery Tool & Cordless

Electric Assembly Tools

 We offer a wide range of battery tools for trade, maintenance and production

environments. Battery production tools includes both shut off and transducerised

types. As these tools have no air hose or or electric cable they allow maximum

flexibility, access and movement in the maintenance or production area. Battery

tools help reduce tripping hazards in the work area. They also reduce the risk of

product entanglement and scratching painted surfaces. They are ergonomically

designed and operate at low noise levels. Racks and cabinets for tools, batteries

and chargers are available upon request.