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Human Machine Interface

We offer a range of HMI's from Bosch Rexroth. Human Machine Interfaces can also be referred to as Visual Control Panel (VCP's), Operator Interfaces or Touch Screens. The VCP system covers a range from simple graphics displays to touch screens with full graphics capabilities, function keys and keypads depending upon  requirements. They are often used to display diagnostics, results, operator guidance and images. The Bosch Rexroth HMI range is freely programmable using VI Composer SW and supports Serial, Ethernet and optional Profibus interfaces. Additional HMI ranges are available on request. We also offer cabinet and enclosure, design, wiring and construction.







HMI IndraControl             HMI IndraControl        HMI IndraControl           HMI IndraControl                   VCP02                              VCP05                            VCP08                                 VCP11



 HMI IndraControl            HMI IndraControl            HMI IndraControl         HMI IndraControl                      VCP20                            VCP25                                 VCP35                             VEP30







HMI IndraControl               HMI IntraControl                                                                                                     VEP40                                 VEP50


Download HMI Data Sheets:


      >   VCP02 - Operator Terminal 


      >   VCP05 - Operator Terminal 


      >   VCP08 - Operator Terminal


     >   VCP11 - Operator Terminal


     >   VCP20 - Operator Terminal


     >   VCP25 - Operator Terminal 


     >   VCP35 - Operator Terminal   


     >   VEP30 - Panel PC


     >   VEP30 - Terminal PC


     >   VEP40 - Panel PC


     >   VEP50 - Panel PC