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Variable Speed Drives - VSD's

 We stock a range of variable speed drives from Bosch Rexroth. The range is 'RCM'

and 'CTICK' compliant and complies to Australian EMC standards.  Often referred to

as variable frequency convertors, variable frequency drives, AC drives, Inverter drive

or VVVF drives (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency drives), they are available in

single phase 230V or 3 phase 400VAC input. The EFC3600 series covers up to 4Kw,

the FV Series up to 90Kw and the FE Series covers up to 160Kw. The range is

expanding and options are available up to 630Kw upon request. Variable speed

drives are a great way to reduce you energy consumption. They are a cost effective

easy upgrade or replacement to make. The range is easily programmed and simple

to integrate into new or existing facilities. Please discuss your requirements with

us. We also offer cabinet and enclosure, design, wiring and construction. 



            Bosch Rexroth VSD                                                       Bosch Rexroth VSD                                     Up to 4Kw - EFC 3600 Series                                            Up to 90Kw - Fv Series           




      Bosch Rexroth VSD - up to     

         Up to 160Kw - Fe Series